Eating good is… GOOD


This CNN article outlines some ways that you can try to help encourage your children to consume their vegetables. Make sure that you don’t hide or disguise vegetables in other foods or the children will not trust the food you give them. Eat veggies alongside them so they don’t think it’s just something they have to do! Bribing works for some parents and some children but the kids should get used to having to eat the vegetables for the benefit of being healthy. This article gives some really good ideas and pointers to help parents make eating vegetables seem appealing to their kids, very useful!


Kurbo Health Coaching

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Anyone with any device that can download apps can get this. I used this app on my blog because I feel it’s beneficial for kids in tracking their health (food and exercises) on a daily basis. With this app, the parents might need to assist the younger kids and make sure their kids know the value in tracking what they eat and their exercise day-to-day to make sure they are getting the proper nutrients. Based on your height, weight, and how much physical exertion the children participate in daily, determines the calorie in take they need. This app helps keep track of that and gives suggestions for what they think you should intake based on what you did that day. It also has a cool feature that gives healthy alternatives to not so healthy options. Parents can also get apps like this, however this is targeting more children and teens. Parents, don’t be hesitant to help your kids start making the right choices early in life!

Sports Fueling for Kids!

Teaching kids how to eat right to reach peak performance in sports


For children to excel in sports and just to be healthier this infographic really illustrates the types of foods and what kids should be putting into their bodies. I chose this for my blog because it does a really good job at showing and telling you the types of food that will make sure your performance can be at tip top shape. The infographic shows some good ideas of things to eat for breakfast, a snack in the middle of the day, and a way to end the day with a healthy dinner. The other strong part of this particular illustration is the actual pictures of the foods they are suggesting. Another part I like is when to eat these the foods they suggest (i.e. before or after sport) and to make sure kids are consuming a lot of water to stay hydrated throughout their sport and day in general.

Live Naturally; Love Healthy

How to enjoy healthy options!


This infographic is important because it’s telling parents to help their kids chose healthy options. It gives facts about the increasing of diseases in our country, in hope that parents will see these and not want their kids to develop these diseases. It also tells some facts about food and what unhealthy foods can do to your body trying to persuade parents to not give in to what the kids always want. It gives ideas on how to help kids want to make the healthy choices (i.e. taking kids to the store to pick out healthy foods, “clean plate” rule, eat together, ect.). The most strong point of this infographic is healthy alternatives to what kids want to eat (i.e. frozen greek yogurt instead of ice cream, fruit instead of cookies). This is a good guide and once kids get into a habit of eating healthy, when they stop they don’t feel well. That’s why it’s best to have kids start early so they grow up with it, however it is never too late to change your ways as long as you’re determined on helping your kids or even yourself!


Help keep children healthy!


This public service announcement persuades parents to get their kids out and moving, along with them. It encourages kids and parents to obtain a healthy lifestyle where physical activity is prominent. This organization highlights the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including eating well and lots of physical activity. They want the entire family to be involved and engaged with these goals of maintaining the healthy weight through eating and physical activity habits. This public service announcement is strong through the goal they are wanting to obtain: to ensure all families are trying to eat right and exercise together. The picture in this PSA is very strong because it shows both the parent and child holding the basketball together showing they are both committed to helping each other create a healthy lifestyle.

How Exercise Benefit Your Whole Body

Having children get the proper amount of exercise on a daily basis really changes how our bodies develop and work.



I included this article because I think it does a great job highlighting the positive things that exercise can do for the body. It goes into detail about the ways it’s good for the body, how it can help your mind, put you in a better mood, and the ways the achieve these benefits. The article is telling how good exercise is for kids and then you can click on headers (i.e. food, mood, move, recharge). When you click on the headers it takes you to videos about each of the categories, along with a poll to have the visitors of the site take which adds more color and a fun aspect to the site. The videos really outline the correct way to treat your body and gives you ways to achieve these things.

At the Y-M-C-A!

Learn about some fun classes your kids could be taking at your local YMCA!



I included this in my blog because it highlights some of the positive activities that kids in the Louisville area an get involved in. If kids get involved with these fun classes and activities really young and see that exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be FUN, then they will be more likely to carry these habits into their teen years and older! It’s not just sports that kids can do at the Y either, there are many different activities that kids can explore to see what they like. Some of the activities have an age requirement, but most are open to all ages. There are many activities such as Wii, arts & crafts, corn hole (bags) challenge, PE class, swimming, youth boot camps, ect. There are many opportunities for kids to get involved and find out the ways they like to stay physically active in the community!