Exercise, Fitness, & Nutrition

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I find this website to be extremely helpful mostly because of how many different things you can find on it. There is a tab for exercise and fitness and then another tab which contains content about nutrition. This entire website is geared around wellness and healthy living for adolescents. What I really like about this website is that someone found what they thought to be the most sites, files, and PDFS geared towards kids health and wellness and put them all onto one page so that it is simple to click find what you are looking for. All of the sources are very trustworthy and accurate information. These outside sources range anywhere from bike safety, to things to do at the park with kids, to nutrition tools, to kids helping cook in the kitchen, ect. This site is very very helpful!! I would really recommend this website and it is very helpful in making sure your kids get involved in eating right and being active from a young age.


Healthy Kids

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On this webpage there are a variety of useful resources for both parents and children. There are sections about not only kids but adults too. However, we are focusing on kids for the time being, at least for the purpose of this blog. You can go look at the different kids programs offered, read different articles about various subjects, ways for kids to get active. My favorite section is about the kids helping being able to help cook and to make different things alongside their parents. This allows for kids to have fun in the kitchen while still making things that are healthy for them and will benefit them in the long-run of their lives. This website is also very helpful because there are so many different things you can explore on this website that will benefit both you and your kids!


NFL Play60


I included this website for my blog because this is a well-known movement across the US. I think it will make kids want to get involved and be physically active when they hear about this. The website is very inviting and easy to use. The videos and pictures all make being active seem very fun. The pictures show kids able to meet NFL players and be on the field with them if they are part of the program. The play60 movement is just a bout having kids commit to exercising for 60 minutes everyday. This gives kids an incentive to stay healthy and active. The NFL wants to encourage kids to be active and stay healthy.

Get Kids Active

Kids Need Exercise Too!


I included this website for why blog because it outlines why exercise is so important for people. There are many categories on the homepage of the Kids Health Page, and the main category I was focused on for the purpose of my blog, was the exercise tab. It gives the reasons you should exercise, the things your body can do, what exercising was like in earlier times, how to exercise for free, other things you can do to stay fit, some quotes by kids, a piece of advice from a doctor, and a fun game to keep the kids involved with the site. The website uses bright colors and positive things to ensure that kids think of exercise as a fun and happy thing. The most important part of the website to me is the “Why You Need to Exercise” category because it gives all of the positive things that correspond with exercising and how it makes you feel so healthy and happy, which really is what exercising does for the brain and body!