Active Bodies, Active Minds, Active Kids

Active Louisville Kids Preschool


This is source is geared toward younger kids, preschool aged since it is a preschool. However, the main focus of this preschool is to have kids learning through playing and being active. This school really encourages kids to get out and explore while still providing a safe place for these kids to be. These kids play a lot and the philosophy is that if these kids are up and moving, then it helps their brains to process information better. Their mantra is, “Active Body, Active Minds, Active Kids!”. This could be a very effective preschool to send your kids in the Louisville area because not only will it be fun and get your kids moving, but it will allow for them to learn a lot while doing so! Sign your kids up today!!


“Have Fun This Summer in Louisville!”


This site shows many summer camps around the Louisville area encouraging kids to stay active. Camp-A-Bunga is offered for a variety of ages: 4 and up. Many sports and fun, active games and activities are done at this camp because their main goal is “fitness and fun”! There are 2 locations (Louisville and Oldham county) both offering different sessions (May 29th- August 11th and June 4th-August 7th: camps run weekly) so you can pick when and where works best for you and your kids. This site is very helpful to see the fun, active, involving camps that go around in the area during the summers. Definitely would recommend checking this website out!

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At the Y-M-C-A!

Learn about some fun classes your kids could be taking at your local YMCA!



I included this in my blog because it highlights some of the positive activities that kids in the Louisville area an get involved in. If kids get involved with these fun classes and activities really young and see that exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be FUN, then they will be more likely to carry these habits into their teen years and older! It’s not just sports that kids can do at the Y either, there are many different activities that kids can explore to see what they like. Some of the activities have an age requirement, but most are open to all ages. There are many activities such as Wii, arts & crafts, corn hole (bags) challenge, PE class, swimming, youth boot camps, ect. There are many opportunities for kids to get involved and find out the ways they like to stay physically active in the community!