Exercise, Fitness, & Nutrition

Click HERE for some helpful tips on exercising and eating right!


I find this website to be extremely helpful mostly because of how many different things you can find on it. There is a tab for exercise and fitness and then another tab which contains content about nutrition. This entire website is geared around wellness and healthy living for adolescents. What I really like about this website is that someone found what they thought to be the most sites, files, and PDFS geared towards kids health and wellness and put them all onto one page so that it is simple to click find what you are looking for. All of the sources are very trustworthy and accurate information. These outside sources range anywhere from bike safety, to things to do at the park with kids, to nutrition tools, to kids helping cook in the kitchen, ect. This site is very very helpful!! I would really recommend this website and it is very helpful in making sure your kids get involved in eating right and being active from a young age.


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