Live Naturally; Love Healthy

How to enjoy healthy options!


This infographic is important because it’s telling parents to help their kids chose healthy options. It gives facts about the increasing of diseases in our country, in hope that parents will see these and not want their kids to develop these diseases. It also tells some facts about food and what unhealthy foods can do to your body trying to persuade parents to not give in to what the kids always want. It gives ideas on how to help kids want to make the healthy choices (i.e. taking kids to the store to pick out healthy foods, “clean plate” rule, eat together, ect.). The most strong point of this infographic is healthy alternatives to what kids want to eat (i.e. frozen greek yogurt instead of ice cream, fruit instead of cookies). This is a good guide and once kids get into a habit of eating healthy, when they stop they don’t feel well. That’s why it’s best to have kids start early so they grow up with it, however it is never too late to change your ways as long as you’re determined on helping your kids or even yourself!


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