Kurbo Health Coaching

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Anyone with any device that can download apps can get this. I used this app on my blog because I feel it’s beneficial for kids in tracking their health (food and exercises) on a daily basis. With this app, the parents might need to assist the younger kids and make sure their kids know the value in tracking what they eat and their exercise day-to-day to make sure they are getting the proper nutrients. Based on your height, weight, and how much physical exertion the children participate in daily, determines the calorie in take they need. This app helps keep track of that and gives suggestions for what they think you should intake based on what you did that day. It also has a cool feature that gives healthy alternatives to not so healthy options. Parents can also get apps like this, however this is targeting more children and teens. Parents, don’t be hesitant to help your kids start making the right choices early in life!


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