Prepare Healthy Snacks!

To listen to registered dietitians Amy Jamieson-Petonic, Melissa Dobbins, Toby Smithson, and Kristi King give their advice on giving children healthy snacks, click on their names to hear what they have to say! To visit all of the PSAs on one page, click HERE.


I find these PSAs directed at eating right for young people to be very effective. There are many different categories, but the ones for kids are the ones that I selected to listen to, since my target group is kids. More specifically I listened to the ones about ways to make healthy more appealing to kids and setting an example for your kids to eat right. The 4 I listened to were very effective because they are really aiming at helping and persuading the younger generations that healthy IS good! There are different healthy snacks and breakfasts they talk about making which all sound like kids would jump all over them. The other thing they really stressed was leading by example. You need to make sure, as a parent, that your kids feel like like you enjoy the healthy things that you are wanting them to eat. Overall these were very helpful PSAs that shed some light on ways to make healthy eating more appealing. This was a very effective website!


Ready… Set… RUN!

To see where it all started and sign your child up to race, click HERE!

The Healthy Kids Running Series is a race designed for kids to enter the running world with a positive, fun, and educational outlook on running. There are 4 different races that you can sign your kids up for: 50 yard dash, 1/4 mile run, 1/2 mile run, and the 1 mile run. All of these different races have certain age groups that are assigned to each. This is a really cool event because no matter what place you come in, you receive an award which boosts kids self-esteem along with them getting some good exercise. The founder of this run, Jeff Long, really wants to get kids out and moving and to have a positive view on running. I think that this is an awesome idea and even though it’s mostly concentrated on the east coast, that it should continue to spread around the country because this is a great idea for kids to get involved and active!

Active Bodies, Active Minds, Active Kids

Active Louisville Kids Preschool


This is source is geared toward younger kids, preschool aged since it is a preschool. However, the main focus of this preschool is to have kids learning through playing and being active. This school really encourages kids to get out and explore while still providing a safe place for these kids to be. These kids play a lot and the philosophy is that if these kids are up and moving, then it helps their brains to process information better. Their mantra is, “Active Body, Active Minds, Active Kids!”. This could be a very effective preschool to send your kids in the Louisville area because not only will it be fun and get your kids moving, but it will allow for them to learn a lot while doing so! Sign your kids up today!!

Exercise, Fitness, & Nutrition

Click HERE for some helpful tips on exercising and eating right!


I find this website to be extremely helpful mostly because of how many different things you can find on it. There is a tab for exercise and fitness and then another tab which contains content about nutrition. This entire website is geared around wellness and healthy living for adolescents. What I really like about this website is that someone found what they thought to be the most sites, files, and PDFS geared towards kids health and wellness and put them all onto one page so that it is simple to click find what you are looking for. All of the sources are very trustworthy and accurate information. These outside sources range anywhere from bike safety, to things to do at the park with kids, to nutrition tools, to kids helping cook in the kitchen, ect. This site is very very helpful!! I would really recommend this website and it is very helpful in making sure your kids get involved in eating right and being active from a young age.

Healthy Kids

To help your kids make the right choices to becoming healthy, click HERE!


On this webpage there are a variety of useful resources for both parents and children. There are sections about not only kids but adults too. However, we are focusing on kids for the time being, at least for the purpose of this blog. You can go look at the different kids programs offered, read different articles about various subjects, ways for kids to get active. My favorite section is about the kids helping being able to help cook and to make different things alongside their parents. This allows for kids to have fun in the kitchen while still making things that are healthy for them and will benefit them in the long-run of their lives. This website is also very helpful because there are so many different things you can explore on this website that will benefit both you and your kids!

What’s Where?


This infographic can teach kids where they can find different healthy options in their kitchens. It gives helpful tips on where to store the different healthy options and ways to store them so you can keep them around for longer before they go bad. If kids have awareness about where the different snacks are located, then they can make healthier decisions. Another way to have kids eat healthier is to take them grocery shopping with you so they are able to pick out the things that look good to them and then you can be sure they will eat them. I found this infographic to be very helpful towards parents and kids both. The kids can see where they can get their different healthy snacks from and the parents now see how they can properly store items in the kitchen so their kids can enjoy a healthy life!

Obesity rates rising?


This infographic does a really nice job of outlining some ways your kids can make sure they stay active as the amount of time to play is cut down in schools. There are many great facts about kids and how much exercise they should be getting and how many kids aren’t quite reaching that goal. It says a really shocking statistic “1 in 3 of all children born in 2000 and later will suffer from diabetes sometime in their life” if the problem of exercise is not resolved, or at least improved. There are ways that don’t make the kids go out of their way to get in that exercise such as jumping jacks during commercials on TV, family walking, ect. I found this infographic to be very helpful and does a good job at showing that if changes aren’t made here in the near future… our KIDS will SUFFER tremendously!

Virtual NFL Play 60

This is an app that could help children get motivated to go out and play! This is a game that you control the characters and they run, jump, ect. to get over obstacles. Eventually, you want to continue progressing through the game, leveling up. Once kids see these virtual people running and playing I really think it would motivate them to do the same. There are reminders that the kids should make sure they are playing in the real world as well as some time to play on the app. I feel this could be a really effective app in getting kids up and motivated to want to become more active and like their characters in the game!

To download the app, click HERE!

“Have Fun This Summer in Louisville!”


This site shows many summer camps around the Louisville area encouraging kids to stay active. Camp-A-Bunga is offered for a variety of ages: 4 and up. Many sports and fun, active games and activities are done at this camp because their main goal is “fitness and fun”! There are 2 locations (Louisville and Oldham county) both offering different sessions (May 29th- August 11th and June 4th-August 7th: camps run weekly) so you can pick when and where works best for you and your kids. This site is very helpful to see the fun, active, involving camps that go around in the area during the summers. Definitely would recommend checking this website out!

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